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Detailed Design

Following successful completion of the FEED and preliminary design stage, we pick up and move through to the detailed engineering and design phase of the project. Where systems defined during the earlier stages of the project, are matured with the development of the discipline scopes of work, issue of enquiry packages, with subsequent receipt and confirmation of supplier data and design documentation.

Our discipline engineers and designers (process, mechanical, piping, electrical, control and instrumentation (C&I) and civil, structural and architectural (CSA)) work as an integrated multi-disciplined team to refine and integrate each of the systems toward a design freeze and issue for construction (IFC) status. 

Our networked team of engineers, designers, and project professionals challenge given concepts to ensure that they provide the very best innovative solutions and value for our clients, with consistency, quality and reliability at the core.

An integrated multi-discipline engineering and design team is available from JCM Consultant Engineers Ltd, that includes for.

  • Process Engineering

  • Piping, Pressure Systems, and Stress Analysis

  • Civil, Structural and Architectural (CSA)

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Electrical (LV, MV & HV)

  • Control and Instrumentation (C&I)

  • Stress Analysis

  • 3D modeling/ BIM / visualisation 

  • Process Safety

  • HVAC

Contact us to arrange a free no obligation consultation and find out how our team can support your project.

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