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Feasibility Studies

We provide ourselves on our ability to provide our client with cost effective feasibility studies that consider all aspects of the project so that fully informed decisions can be made. The specifics and scope of each feasibility study will likely vary with each individual the project, and may typically consider. 

  • Project design basis

  • Site selection criteria

  • Environmental screening and risk assessments

  • Review natural resource and their availability

  • Accessibility to infrastructure, major road network, airport, ports, rail

  • Accessibility to utility connections, power grid, gas, water

  • Site data, climate, water analysis, topography, and

       geological surveys

  • Review of neighbouring commercial, residential, and industrial communities


  • Conceptual design, project and process descriptions,  preliminary  plant layout and configuration, mass balances, equipment lists (major components)

  • Local, national, and international codes and standards review

  • Statutory obligations review

  • Outline cost estimates, financial analysis, and modeling

  • Outline project scheduling

If you have a project in mind that requires a feasibility study to be undertaken in advance of the further commitment of time and resources, contact us for no obligation consultation.

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